Syd MastersSyd Masters is an award winning singer and songwriter of traditional western music. He takes pride in doing his part in keeping the modern and old west alive through vintage cowboy music and songwriting. Syd is the author and recording artist of The Official State Song of New Mexico and the 2011 AWA Male Vocalist of the Year. The Western Music Association, Academy of Western Artists and The New Mexico Music Industry have combined to nominate him for more than 40 awards over the past 15 years. “Vocalist of the Year,” “Country Song of the Year,” “Best Album,” Best Band,” Most Humorous Song,” and “Best Song” are some of the categories in which he was victorious.

Earlier this century the U.S. Department of State named him Cultural Ambassador for his work entertaining the secret service departments of 26 foreign countries in the Diplomatic Security Antiterrorism Assistance Program. Syd has been seen on television commercials and billboards throughout the west as spokesman for the Powerball Lottery Campaign. His original compositions have been used in numerous film productions ranging from documentaries and television broadcasts to the recent Universal Studios motion picture “Paul” where he can also be seen as an actor in the film. He and his Swing Riders are a multi-talented, thoroughly funny, hard touring, high energy cowboy band out to save vintage western music one two-step at a time!

“The open highway is where I write my songs. It’s as if all the ideas hide inside my head waiting to correlate until I get behind the wheel of my truck and head on down the road. It is then that I am bombarded with the melodies that ride in layers along the wind. The notes hit my windshield like bugs leaving little black dots in their proper place of the staff. Then I stop the truck and get out putting both of my feet on the ground and that’s it. I have another song. Folks ask me why I drive around with my window rolled down in the winter. It’s because there’s a lot of great music floating around out there in the winter!”