The Band


Syd Masters
Edgewood, NM
Hometown: The Big Woods and Clear Water of Wisconsin

Lead Singer & Rhythm Guitarist
Syd resides in the high country of the Northern New Mexico Rocky Mountains.

Syd’s Gear:
Syd’s everyday on stage pardner is an old nylon string Takemine guitar from the late 1960’s. The sides and back are Brazilian Rosewood, long considered the finest tonal wood available to luthiers, and the top is spruce. It has gone through several new sets of frets and cases. The nut was replaced after someone tossed a capo at Syd when he wasn’t looking and it cracked on impact. There are plenty of dings and scratches on it including a small hole in the bottom side from Syd setting his guitar down on his spur after taking it off at a trail ride. The finish is worn off around the lower edge of the sound hole where all the years of finger oils have done their work on the stain. When cowboys first starting playing music on guitars they would get the instruments from the Spanish and Mexican ranches in the Southwest. Those guitars were gut strung, and nylon is the modern day equivalent of gut. Combining this tradition with his unique playing style, Syd purposely sticks to this instrument which he claims is the best playing and sounding guitar of its type that he has ever come across. Popular Texas/New Mexico singer/songwriter Mike Hearne played it for two minutes one day and immediately offered Syd a trade to which he replied, “No thanks Mike, I already have a truck.”

Other recording instruments:
Epiphone Frontier Steel String Acoustic Guitar
Ibanez Artcore Hollow Body Archtop Electric Guitar
1972 Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar
Ibanez Musician Electric Bass
Leblanc Wooden Clarinet, Selmer Soprano Saxophone, Cowboy Concertina, Pearl Drums
22 Vintage Western Stencil Art Guitars
Mackie Sound Gear
Loaded Guns in Every Room

Favorites: (just like concert dates, these are subject to change)
Fishing Beer: Miller Lite, Pabst Blue Ribbon. I’m from Wisconsin what did you expect!
Summer Beer: Molson Canadian, Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat and Summer Shandy. I know, Wisconsin again. Go Pack!
Autumn Beer: Shocktop Pumpkin Ale. Weird label, great beer. Newcastle Brown Ale, Shiner Bock. More Molson.
Winter Beer: Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale, Leinenkugel’s Creamy Dark, Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout, Bass Ale.
Spring Beer: Molson Canadian Lager. I think those Canadians brew beer with butter. Capital Brewery Supper Club Lager. Mad Town Magic!
Whiskey: Crown Royal straight, Jameson for mixing with Coke or Ginger Ale.
Wine: Petite Sirah (Ravenswood is best) and any table wine from Italy.
Coffee: Campfire Cowboy Coffee. Black! Try the brew the boys make at Bobcat Pass in Red River and you’ll never go to Starbucks again!
Burger: Sparky’s in Hatch, NM. Stop what you are doing and go there now!
BBQ: Shorty’s BBQ in Moriarty, NM.
Italian: Trombino’s Bistro Italiano in Albuquerque. Only place even coming close to Mama’s dishes within hundreds of miles of our house.
Drinkin’ Hole: Nine Fine Irishmen in New York, New York Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Sisters Saloon, Saint Germain, WI.
Guitarist: Whit Smith, Hot Club of Cowtown – Joey McKenzie, The Western Flyers – Django Reinhardt.
Songwriters: Marty Robbins, Lennon/McCartney, Hank Williams Senior, Cindy Walker, Johnny Cash, Paul Simon.
Dislikes: IPA’s. It tastes like coins are soaking in the bottom! Any beer in a green bottle. The light diffusion messes with the yeast. No, really. It does! Beer in a can. More metal taste. Yuck! Wine in a box. The name says it all. Out of work guitarists in the audience standing there with their arms crossed watching me play thinking to themselves, “Yeah, I could do that”
Clint Man with no Name

Lead Guitarist Position Currently Available
New Mexico
Hometown: Anywhere, just need to understand the western culture
Acoustic Guitar, Harmony Vocal

Needs to understand the importance of booking gigs near quality fishin’ holes!” ~ Syd Masters

Acoustic Guitar – (live & recording)


Summer Beer: Shiner Bock
Autumn Beer: Shiner Bock
Winter Beer: Shiner Bock
Spring Beer: Shiner Bock
Coffee: Bobcat Pass Cowboy Coffee
Burrito: Shiner Bock
Lunch Wagon: Shiner Bock
Guitarist: Cowboys
Dislikes: Musicians who can’t learn or remember parts to songs
Gary RollerGary Roller
Taos, NM
Hometown: The Downwind Ambiance of Amarillo, TX

Bassist and Harmony Vocalist
One day in 2006 Syd called Gary to see if he could fill in for a couple of dates. Circumstances being what they were, he never left and is still in the band! Gary splits his performance time between being a Swing Rider and being a member of Michael Martin Murphey’s Rio Grande Band. He is also an accomplished western sculptor and painter.
Gary is known for depicting the various cultures of the rugged southwestern landscape. His art often focuses on the spiritual life of the Native American and the historical impact of the Cowboy Culture. He creates art prints, sculptures, and fountains. Gary resides on the edge of Albuquerque where he creates art and spends time with his two teenage kids Dakota and Sierra.
“Simply put Gary is a pro’s pro. He always makes great music, knows how to talk to an audience, and is exemplary in his off stage demeanor. The guy has friends in every town we travel to!” ~ Syd Masters
Gary’s Gear:

Fender Jazz Electric Bass
Englehardt Upright Bass
Martin Acoustic Bass


Summer Beer: Corona Extra. With or without lime.
Autumn Beer: Iced Tea.
Winter Beer: Roy Rogers.
Spring Beer: Lemonade.
Coffee: Dark and murky with lots of cream and sugar.
Meal: Bobcat Pass Grilled Steak in Red River, NM w/ranch style beans. Gary knows his beans! Add ketchup and all available condiments and tobacco sauce to all food and stir!
Eatery: Cowboy Gelato, Amarillo, TX.
Bassist: Paul McCartney, The Beatles – Terry Hale, Ace in the Hole Band – Mark Abbott, Sons of the Pioneers and The Texas Playboys
Dislikes: I love everybody!
Daisy & Syd at RW's Clearview Ranch 2013 #1 (2)Daisy Campfire the Yodeling Corgi
Hometown: Syd’s House
Companion, show stealing sidekick, and tongue trigger alarm clock
Having been born into a large family of hard working ranch folks, Daisy set her sights on a career of traveling early on in life. She was a natural at herding sheep and cattle and truly enjoyed working alongside her siblings out on the range. But Daisy always knew in her heart that the entertainment industry was where she would make her mark. Her first trip was on a long ride with Syd and his band out to California where she appeared on stage for the first time ever at The Santa Clarita Cowboy Poetry Festival at the tender age of 10 weeks! Due to an aggressive nap schedule Daisy can’t appear at every show , but she gets to as many as she can. Audiences enjoy her spontaneous call and response barking and yodeling duets with Syd.
“Daisy works for free which allows me to double her pay whenever I want. That keeps us both happy!” ~ Syd Masters
Daisy’s Gear:
Leash and harness
Comfy bed and pillow
Canvas chew toy


Summer Beer: Cool, clean snow melt water from the Red River
Autumn Beer: Gin clear water of the Northern Wisconsin spring fed lakes
Winter Beer: Ice chips
Spring Beer: San Antonio Creek water in the Valles Caldera(upsteam from the herd)
Coffee: I like my liquids clear, thank you.
Meal: Kibble with lamb
Eatery: The floor or on rare occasions Syd’s hand
Dislikes: Rabbits. Cats. Ravens. You just can’t trust those ravens.